Moldovan side continues to block visits of military observers

02/06/20 19:20

Moldovan side continues to block visits of military observers

Since the beginning of 2019 representatives of Moldova have disrupted more than 850 visits

Since the beginning of last year, the Moldovan side has blocked more than 850 visits to law enforcement posts located in the Security Zone. This was announced by Oleg Belyakov, Head of the Pridnestrovian Delegation, following the results of the meeting of the Joint Control Commission (JCC).

''This is unacceptable to us, as both the instructions of military observers and the regulation on the activities of the JMC and military observers stipulate constant control over all law enforcement agencies and power structures located in the Security Zone,'' Belyakov said.

He noted that at the end of 2019, infrastructure at a Moldovan post in the area of Gura Bîcului had been changed, but this fact had not been reflected in the reports of the Joint Military Command to date. The reason is the refusal of the Moldovan side to send observers there.

''Our right is to know what is going on there and whether there are additional law enforcement agencies there. But this information cannot be included in the reports of the JMC, as the visit of the military observers was blocked,'' the Co-Chair said.

According to him, the appeal calling for the complete liquidation of the 9th peacekeeping post (located in Dubossary district) received from the representatives of the RM is really alarming.

''We are concerned about this as it can lead to a complication of the situation in the Security Zone,'' Belyakov added.

It should be noted that after the end of the armed conflict 42 posts of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces were installed on the Dniester in the Security Zone. As a result of the signing of the Odessa agreements, their number was reduced to 15. The posts are located on the most important sections of the Security Zone: near bridges and ferry crossings, as well as in the Area with Elevated Security Regime (Bendery).


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