12/01/15 14:14
This issue was discussed at a meeting, which President Shevchuk held with government members
11/27/15 12:16
This is what President Yevgeny Shevchuk said at a meeting with Dnestrovsk residents
11/26/15 19:22
Pridnestrovie's minister of economic development has cited these data with the reference to experts' estimates
11/23/15 17:32
The certificate was presented in the Ministry of Economic Development
10/27/15 14:50
According to Russian journalist and blogger Semyon Uralov, the crucial dependence of the Pridnestrovian economy on the private capital accumulated by the Sheriff corporation cannot but raise concerns
10/23/15 21:40
President recommended businessmen "not to blackmail the state"
10/22/15 14:32
“International Investment Relations” is the theme of the scientific forum attended by representatives of scientific community, public authorities, business and banking structures
10/21/15 13:45
Representatives of the Embassy of the Hungarian Republic in the Republic of Moldova visit Pridnestrovie's Chamber of Commerce and Industry
10/20/15 18:13
This forecast has been made by the Ministry of Economic Development
10/20/15 13:01
Russia's Expert magazine journalist Gevorg Mizayan writes in his article about the economic problems Pridnestrovie is facing as a result of coordinated activities by Kiev and Kishinev
10/19/15 12:54
Editor-in-Chief of Odnako Eurasia Semyon Uralov writes in his article that oligarchs were one of the main reasons of state destruction
10/19/15 12:10
The editor-in-chief of the Odnako. Eurasia information and analytical project has analysed the risks the PMR is facing today