Pridnestrovie's annual deflation rate to reach 1.5-2%

10/20/15 18:13

Pridnestrovie's annual deflation rate to reach 1.5-2%

This forecast has been made by the Ministry of Economic Development

According to the minister of economic development, Alevtina Slinchenko, a profound effect on deflation processes has been made by the government's decision to cut prices for housing and communal services. This spring the tariff rate for communal services was reduced by 7%.

The minister noted this rate would be retained and prices for food and non-food products, regarding inner and outer market forecasts analysis, would not increase.

According to the ministry, the deflation amounted to 1.98% in 9 months of 2015. As of today, price movement lows have been reached, ministry experts believe.

«September prices remained at a level of August. The inflation rate was 0.045%. Only food products, particularly vegetables, are showing growth, but this is a seasonal component," clarified Alevtina Slinchenko.

The decline in value of imported goods has been caused by a considerable depreciation of currencies in neighbouring countries, whereas the Pridnestrovian rouble has retained its value.

Compare: in January-September 2015 the inflation rate in Moldova amounted to 9.5%, in Russia 10.4%, and in Ukraine it is over-the-top with 41.4%.


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