10/10/19 12:10
The PMR President welcomed VII Pridnestrovian International Investment Economic Forum participants and stressed that the main event goal was to state Pridnestrovie and its economic strength
09/20/19 16:37
Textile novelties of the enterprise drew the attention of 100 largest buyers and importers from 30 countries of the world
09/05/19 20:21
The deligation has been led by First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots Konstantin Zatulin
08/06/19 13:38
Investments in health care increased more than three times, in social security - in fifteen
06/21/19 14:16
The Ministry of Economic Development published the review of industrial production in 5 months
06/08/19 20:29
The Deputy Prime Minister of the PMR invited potential investors in Pridnestrovie
06/06/19 16:29
The contract was signed in Saint Petersburg and its goal is to assist Pridnestrovian producers in the Russian market
04/16/19 21:43
The Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation positively estimated the Pridnestrovian law on the protection of investments
04/16/19 11:47
Sergey Glazyev spoke in favour of the economic course taken by the Government of our republic
04/09/19 16:54
In total, there are 26 projects in the Investment Agency's work
03/13/19 15:24
The First Deputy Prime Minister noted that with the production volumes increase the level of citizens' well-being would also increase
02/21/19 16:58
Representatives of the consulting company «Berlin Economics» held a meeting with the management of the Supreme Council of the PMR
02/19/19 11:18
Norma will act until the end of 2019 and will concern, in particular, the industrial enterprises and the organizations of service trade
02/13/19 13:15
The Government expects 10-15% growth of the investment level this year