11/28/17 17:55
Over 200 hours, experts were trained to build effective business cases for company promotion
10/16/17 15:16
A well-known political and social figure expressed confidence that Russia would be more active in supporting the processes taking place in Pridnestrovie and that through joint efforts the difficult economic and political situation would be resolved
10/16/17 12:29
The Prime Minister informs the President how the Russian side settles the organizational issues
10/09/17 19:44
It is planned to organise a joint forum on business and investment
10/09/17 18:26
The Pridnestrovian president discussed the second stage of the business mission with a member of the General Board of JSC Business Russia
10/09/17 18:06
According to Alexander Martynov, if this trend continues, the country's economic situation will stabilise
09/28/17 18:57
The Chamber of Industry and Commerce has discussed the possibilities of exporting Pridnestrovian goods to the global market with the involvement of the country's major exporters — Kvint, Aquatir and Tirotex
09/26/17 12:23
The official spoke about the possibilities of building food trade relations with Russian regions
09/19/17 13:03
The event was held at Moscow's Crocus Expo with the support of the Russian government
09/18/17 20:30
The prime minister told journalists about the outcome of the Pridnestrovian delegation's visit to Moscow
09/13/17 13:53
The economic development minister announced on TV that the government was working on the preferences which would allow the investor to feel secure and understand the rules of work
09/11/17 18:44
According to the deputy PM Tatyana Kirova, the established relations will help Pridnestrovie to implement specific successful projects
09/07/17 12:43
According to the MP, the elimination of grey schemes and intermediaries is only the first step in the development of the Pridnestrovian economy
09/01/17 17:15
The Palace of Republic hosted a grand meeting on the occasion of Pridnestrovie's 27th anniversary