05/14/18 13:48
The future economists took third place at the International Olympiad in the history of economic doctrines
05/03/18 18:27
This requires amendments to the law "On customs tariffs"
05/03/18 13:10
It will help participants to get registered and obtain the necessary information.  Preparations for the forum were discussed by the governmnet
04/23/18 15:35
According to MP Viktor Guzun, importers will include additional costs related to the new link of control in the price of goods, and eventually, it is ordinary citizens who will pay for all this
04/19/18 14:42
At a meeting with the head of the OSCE Mission, Vadim Krasnoselsky said that the next phase of joint Moldo-Ukrainian control at the Kuchurgan checkpoint jeopardises the economic security of the PMR
04/03/18 15:05
Tiraspol expects that its implementation will make it possible to create conditions for improving the lives of all Pridnestrovians
02/21/18 13:09
The drafting of a new profile law is at the final stage, and soon the bill will be submitted to the Supreme Council for consideration
02/07/18 14:30
The parties exchanged views on the state of public finances
02/07/18 12:30
The foreign delegation took interest the current situation in certain industries of Pridnestrovie
12/26/17 11:30
In an interview with the news agency Regnum, the Pridnestrovian president said that the country would continue strengthening as a socio-oriented market-driven state
12/06/17 17:08
The Russian expert spoke about the way of developing the economy and attracting investment
12/04/17 14:27
The two-day event will culminate in signing a cooperation memorandum
11/30/17 18:59
This was stated by President Krasnselsky during a press conference on the results of the first year of his presidency
11/30/17 18:20
It will be held by Business Russia on 5-6 December