MPs discuss budget deficit cuts with Berlin Economics analysts

02/07/18 14:30

MPs discuss budget deficit cuts with Berlin Economics analysts

The parties exchanged views on the state of public finances

Tiraspol, 7 February. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Supreme Council members Alexander Korshunov, Mikhail Burla and Sergei Cheban met analysts from the German consulting firm Berlin Economics (BE, Berlin Economics GmbH).

There is a regular exchange of information between Pridnestrovie’s public authorities and the foreign experts, the parliamentary press service recalls. At the end of 2017, the experts had presented to parliamentarians an analysis of Pridnestrovie's pension system. The main work area of "Berlin economics" in our country is the review of public finances.

"It's hard to review while sitting at a desk. Therefore, it is important for us to meet legislators, government officials, businessmen, experts in order to lay down an integral picture of the state of the Pridnestrovian economy. We are interested to know the attitude of government officials towards economic reforms," said the project coordinator Jörg Radeke.

"We got acquainted with the materials of the research presented at the last meeting. They include a lot of interesting ideas, conclusions and statistical information. It is helpful for making decisions in the sphere of economy and social policy," said the chairman of the Supreme Council committee for economic policy, budget and finance Alexander Korshunov. "Analyzing the experience of foreign specialists, we are trying to find the best solution to existing budget problems."

At the same time, according to him, this does not mean that there is an intention to reduce the volume of financing of these sectors. This confirms the need to use more rationally and effectively the financial resources that are allocated by the state.

The parties also exchanged views on the state of public finances.

"The main point we discussed today is a reduction in the budget deficit, an increase in its revenue, primarily through tax payments. The subject of our discussion was also the ways public funds can be spent in the most effective way, the use of available resources. We talked a lot about the education system. We learnt the opinion of the German economists on the optimization of public expenditures in the sphere of public education," Alexander Korshunov said after the meeting.

At present, the Berlin Economics experts are analysing the financing of the healthcare system. The next meeting in parliament is very likely to be devoted to this topic.  


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