02/13/17 19:26
According to Rospotrebnadzor experts, it is necessary to enable the export of Pridnestrovian goods to Russia
02/07/17 15:28
According to the chairman of the PRB, Vladislav Tidva, this would cause serious social upheavals
01/31/17 12:46
He republic need $130 million to support the economy, as well as methodological and expert assistance in the conduct of budgetary and fiscal reforms
01/27/17 13:00
This was stated by the minister of economic development of the PMR following a meeting with Russia's deputy minister of industry and trade, Alexander Potapov
01/26/17 22:41
According to the chairman of the government, Alexander Martynov, the republic does not need only financial, but also methodological assistance
01/26/17 15:56
In particular, representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of the PMR have developed with their Russian colleagues a number of measures aimed at the simplification of export procedures
01/26/17 11:00
President Krasnoselsky is going to discuss problems of the Pridnestrovian industry in Moscow
01/23/17 10:53
The plant was among those visited by representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of the Italian province of Pesaro-Urbino
01/20/17 14:21
Such a proposal has been made by representatives of the Italian delegation
01/19/17 18:56
The areas of cooperation may include processing of dairy products and supply of corn to Italy.
01/19/17 13:47
A delegation of the chamber of commerce from one of the Italian regions has come to Pridnestrovie
01/12/17 19:30
In 11 months of 2016 Pridnestrovian exports decreased by 13% compared to the same period in 2015
01/11/17 15:52
The head of state identified priorities for the development of the republic in his address to the public authorities
01/11/17 10:47
Some changes in the rules on the movement of goods by natural persons have entered into force since the start of the year
01/10/17 14:45
The bill submitted by the president suggests the provision of this benefit until the end of 2017. Under current law members of large families enjoy a 70% benefit when paying patent fees