08/29/17 21:18
This issue was raised during a Pridnestrovian delegation's visit to the Svenskaya Fair in Bryansk
08/22/17 14:39
Alexander Martynov: "We need to offer unprecedented guarantees to investors"
08/21/17 11:47
The total net assets of the Pridnestrovian banking system had amounted 8.17 billion roubles by 1 August 2017. They had increased by 28% since the start of the year. These are the figures given by the Pridnestrovian Republican Bank's review of the performance of domestic commercial banks
08/15/17 15:53
The committee has recalled that the established rules are aimed at ensuring the fastest and most convenient procedures for the export of Pridnestrovian goods by foreigners
08/14/17 16:09
The central bank forecasts an increase in imports and exports by 6-7% by the end of the year
08/10/17 12:46
Exports of Pridnestrovian products to Russia rose by 1.5 times compared to the same period of 2016. The volume of goods supplied to Belarus also increased
07/07/17 22:06
The PIEF's results have been summed up in Tiraspol
07/06/17 21:09
According to experts, the level of trade between Pridnestrovie and Russia should be consistent with the level of political and cultural partnership
07/05/17 12:42
To do this, the enterprise needs to upgrade its production facilities
06/26/17 21:01
The prime minister stressed that through price monitoring would reveal a devaluation component in product pricing
06/22/17 11:00
In an interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily, the minister of economic development of the PMR, Sergey Obolonik, noted that the country could help Russian business to enter the EU market
06/20/17 18:07
The investment forum will feature export support scenarios, projects to improve business conditions and reduce the share of the underground economy
05/17/17 11:49
Pridnestrovie's foreign minister spoke about Moldova using economic leverage against Pridnestrovie
04/28/17 15:18
The government is continuing to work on its concept of budget and tax policy