04/27/17 12:07
Besides, exports to Belarus increased by 2.4 times
04/04/17 19:59
The head of the government has informed Russia's State Duma member Artyom Turov about the situation in the country
04/03/17 19:48
Sergey Obolonik declared that tender to supply Moldova with electric power had been held with critical violations and political motives directed against Russia can be observed there
03/28/17 15:28
Alexander Martynov: "Tax evasion is a serious crime because it affects the interests of every citizen"
03/27/17 12:28
State-of-the-art of the agribusiness industry was demonstrated to the visitors
03/24/17 15:10
The president said "millions of dollars" had already been returned to the budget
03/23/17 12:22
The company's management together with the government will seek opportunities to return to the Russian market. According to Alexander Martynov, it is better in this respect to cooperate directly with Russian regions
03/23/17 12:13
According to Sergey Obolonik, the ministry's main task is to retain exports to Europe, while boosting exports to Russia
03/22/17 14:46
The audit team will be involved in the development of business projects
03/15/17 18:50
The head of the Union of Industrialists, Agrarians and Entrepreneurs (SPAPP) of Pridnestrovie, Yury Cheban, has outlined the problems and challenges facing the business community
03/14/17 22:12
Under the guise of caring about people, Moldovan politicians want to impose additional customs restrictions on the Pridnestrovian economy
03/10/17 13:18
The government is already working to raise purchasing prices for milk. According to Alexander Martynov, the government is going to subsidise agriculture
02/20/17 10:38
Vadim Krasnoselsky: "It is necessary to work out a programme, a roadmap, an action algorithm."