Inflation has been less than 1% in September

10/14/19 16:08

Inflation has been less than 1% in September

In total, over the first 9 months, prices for goods and services increased by 3.5%

Tiraspol, October 14. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Last month, inflation in the consumer market was 0.9%.

According to the State Statistics Service, consumer goods rose 2.2%. To a greater extent, this applies to meat, fruits and vegetables. At the same time, chicken eggs, honey and fruits became cheaper.

In the non-food segment, prices remained stable. A slight decrease in the cost of building materials (-0.5%) and detergents (-0.2%) was recorded.

According to the State Statistics Service, in January-September, inflation was at around 3.5%, which is 1.6 pp lower than a year earlier, due to less pronounced inflationary trends in the commodity segment. This fact is mainly associated with a slowdown in food prices.

“Like a year ago, the main influence on the final indicator was exerted by the situation in the sphere of sales of vegetables (+ 37.0%) and fruits (+ 12.5%), which, however, was significantly better than last year. In addition, according to the results of January-September 2019, meat and meat products (+ 9.6%, or 22.9% of total inflation) and fish products (+ 5.5%), milk and dairy products (+ 1.8%) rose in price. Upward adjustments also affected prices for flour (+ 12.1%), honey (+ 8.1%), sugar (+ 7.2%), pasta and cereals (+ 4.7%),” the press release of the Ministry of Economic Development notes.

Since the beginning of the year, the average level of tariffs in the services sector has grown by 2.4%, forming 16.5% of total inflation. In the context of individual positions, the tariffs of educational organizations (+ 11.2%), sanatorium and health organizations (+ 5.3%), medical institutions (+ 1.0%), and also organizations providing passenger transportation services (+10, 7%), which together accounted for 11.1% of total inflation. Upward adjustments also affected household services (+ 2.2%, or 0.8% of total inflation), communication services (+ 1.3%, or 2.6% of total inflation) and commercial banks (+ 1.7%, or 0.1% of total inflation). Tariffs for housing and communal services increased by an average of 0.7%, with price adjustments in the hotel industry being the main factor, while utility tariffs remained unchanged.

It should be noted that over the past 9 months, inflation in the Russian Federation was 2.3%, in Ukraine - 3.4%, in Moldova prices rose by an average of 4.9%.


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