In February, the manufacturing industry showed growth compared not only to January but also the last year indicators

03/23/21 11:22

In February, the manufacturing industry showed growth compared not only to January but also the last year indicators

However, the ferrous industry as well as electric power industry is still the main drivers

Tiraspol, March 23. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Commercial manufacture at the end of February shows some slightly improvements. The Pridnestrovian Republican Bank writes about this with referring to the State Statistics Service.

The manufacturing industry’s volume reached 1,171.9 million rubles. In comparable prices, this’s more than both January (9.6% more) and February last year (4.9% more) indicators. The growth is still accommodated by the ferrous metallurgy as well as the electric power industry. In the case when they aren’t taken into account, then all other industries showed a 5.2% decline in comparison with last year’s indicators. However, the underachievement rate is much lower than, for instance, in January (12.4% less).

The leading indicators’ dynamics calculated by the Pridnestrovian Republican Bank indicates some rehabilitation in business activity. Thus, the index of industrial positive dynamics in February was about 0.5% less against January indicators 18.6% less. For the first time since October of the year of 2020, it approached neutral figures. The business activity index in the manufacturing sector also increased markedly, reaching about 53.7% in comparison with 39.1% a last month.

Generally, since the year beginning, the manufacturing industry’s volume in comparable prices increased by 6.4% and amounted to 2,224.8 million rubles, but fell by 8.6% excluding metallurgy and electricity, compared to the same period in last year.

The ferrous metallurgy in February launch products at the cost of 470.5 million rubles, which is 18% higher than the January results and 12.3% higher than last year’s February figures. Against the background of an enabling environment on the world market, the output’s volume in the first two months exceeded the value of the same last year period by 22%, reaching 858.9 million rubles. Moreover, the steelmaking as well as marketable output increased.

The cost volume of production in the electric power industry in February was at level of 348.5 million rubles, which is 5.4% less than in January, but 9.5% more than in February last year. The industrial output since the year beginning has formed at the level of 723.8 million rubles, exceeding the base indicator by 10.2%. At the same time, in physical terms, the generated electricity’s volume increased by 11.4%, to 830.3 million kilowatt-hours.

In consumer goods industry, with in the background of an increasing in production against the January level by 22.6%, the production’s volume was still lower than last year’s February one. Totally, products were produced for the 133.5 million rubles amount. Since the beginning of the year, the industrial output amounted to 239.7 million rubles, which is 2.2% lower than the level of January-February 2020. Cotton fabrics, garments as well as clothing and footwear had been produced to a lesser extent.

Construction materials in February were produced in the amount of 17.1 million rubles. This is 1.9 times more than in January, but 35.3% less than in February of the last year. Generally, since the year’s beginning, the industrial elaboration has developed within 63.4% of the previous year’s comparable figure, amounting to 26.5 million rubles. In physical terms, the concrete, wall materials as well as ready-mixed concrete and unreinforced concrete products’ production decreased. At the same time, the cement mortar, integrated structures and reinforced concrete products’ output, including the calx and Flemish brick increased.

The output in the electrical engineering industry, increased as of January by 15.4%, amounting to 16.2 million rubles. However, the decline in production (32% less) as before was recorded against the indicator of a year ago. The volume of production in January-February amounted to 30.6 million rubles, yielding 31.3% to the previous year’s parameters. Laminated electrical insulating materials, winding wires, cable products, as well as large electric machines and low-power electric motors had been produced to a lesser extent.

The volume of production in mechanical engineering amounted to 21.9 million rubles, which is 2% more by January and 34.6% less by the last year February. Since the beginning of the year, the output in the industry has decreased by 30% - to 31.6 million rubles.

At the chemical process industry enterprises, a similar dynamics was observed, reflecting an 11% increasing by January (to 21.9 million rubles) and a 28% drop by the period of last year’s February. This made it possible to slightly reduce the considerable difference from the baseline value in January-February period, but it’s still remaining significant (26.7% less).

The food industry products were manufactured worth 131.2 million rubles. This is 24.1% more by January and 16.4% more by the last year February. Since the beginning of the year, the industry indicator has increased by 2.9% to 242 million rubles. Such dynamics were achieved due to the growth in the vegetable and animal oils, fresh and refrigerated meat, as well as alcoholic products (such as cognac alcohol, Vermouth and grape wines) manufacturing. However, the output of semi-finished meat products, including quick-freezing of fruit and vegetable with complete meat and sausages products decreased.

The results of the enterprises’ work of the flour-and-cereals industry in February amounted to 14.7 million rubles. This is 21.1% more than the previous month level, but 9.5% less than the previous year’s comparable value. Generally, the industry output in two months period, amounted to 26.9 million rubles, having decreased by 13.5%. The flour and bran output decreased, but at the same time the compound feed and cereals’ production increased.

The printing enterprises’ activity was characterized by an increasing (to 21.6%) in production by January up to 1.8 million rubles and an underachievement (for 19%) by February of previous year. In the period from January to February, the production volume also caved on to the last year (by 26.4%) and amounted to 3.4 million rubles.


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