07/05/23 11:59
The Prime Minister stressed that this requires a stable gas supply and demand in foreign markets
12/20/21 19:02
More than two-thirds of all industrial output was provided by ferrous metallurgy and electric power industry
12/06/21 21:11
Exclusive equipment was produced by the Technosila Russian company order
Фото: president.gospmr.org
Фото: president.gospmr.org
09/22/21 12:16
Since the year’s beginning, ferrous metallurgy, electric power as well as food and light industries provided almost 90 per cent of all industrial production
09/10/21 13:31
Pridnestrovian industry leaders are showing a cautious optimism
06/21/21 17:57
Since the beginning of the year, the export of goods has increased by 37.8%
06/09/21 11:52
Manufacturing of products on the territory of the PMR is planned to begin in July this year
05/25/21 18:43
Growth was shown not only by traditional metallurgy and electrical energy industry, but also by other industries
04/19/21 15:26
Guests also tasted all-new products that have not yet been put on sale
03/26/21 17:39
Tour operators were shown the Elektromash plant so that they knew why it might be interesting for tourists
03/23/21 11:22
However, the ferrous industry as well as electric power industry is still the main drivers