Vadim Krasnoselsky visited the Electromash plant

10/28/21 12:40

Vadim Krasnoselsky visited the Electromash plant

The Electromash plant in Tiraspol is one of the flagships of the Pridnestrovian industry. The company started out as a major overhaul workshop (1946). It became an electrical repair plant in 1957. The plant was named "Micromotor" in February 1959. It was renamed into "Electromash" in 1963. It is listed in the status of the research and production CJSC "Electromash" today. The plant's electrical products are known in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Vietnam, Turkey. Products created at Elektromash are equipment for the energy, coal, chemical, oil, gas, mining and metallurgical industries. It is used to equip mines of coal-mining basins, transcontinental oil and gas pipelines, thermal and nuclear power plants, small hydroelectric power plants, wind power plants, and energy complexes. Among the Russian customers, for example, are Lukoil, Gazprom, Rosatom. Russia covers 87% of this year's shipment. A little more than one percent of finished products remain on the domestic market: the enterprise cooperates with the Moldavian hydroelectric power station, Dubossarskaya HPP, State Unitary Enterprise "Water Supply and Sanitation", provides equipment for the land reclamation complex of the republic, manufactures consumer goods. The most successful year in recent years was 2019. General Director of Electromash Vladimir Trandasir told Vadim Krasnoselsky during his visit to the enterprise that the indicators of 2020 and the current one are inferior. It was noted that prices for raw materials and materials used in production have been growing since the second half of 2020. In just nine months of this year, the associated losses amounted to 11.4 million rubles. The President asked about employee salaries. The average for the plant at the moment is 5600 rubles (for comparison: in 2009 - 2385 rubles).

The PMR President walked through the factory workshops. Vadim Krasnoselsky was shown the production of consumer goods. By order of the Ministry of Health, racks for droppers are made. Sports dumbbells and street LED lights are also made here. Answering questions from the President, they said that they can produce more powerful lighting devices for stadiums. It advantage is the economy of electricity consumption. Employees of Electromash have modernized the press for grapes pressing. They produce household pumps and consumables for them. They say that the main consumer of this type of product is private pump repairmen, but recently the first batch was purchased by a water utility. Another product innovation is the industrial wood crusher, which appeared in the range of factory products this month. The developers consider that the unit will be in demand by housing and communal services enterprises.

The President visited the workshop where equipment for irrigation systems is manufactured. The production was established on the recommendation of Vadim Krasnoselsky. The implementation of this project made it possible to seriously advance in solving the problem of reviving and expanding the land reclamation complex of the republic.

Vadim Krasnoselsky drew attention to the laser cutting machine. There are two of them at the plant. It turned out that the “versts of time” signs in the Catherine Park were made with its help.

A room is reserved for the assembly of engines weighing more than 30 tons. The workshop area is 5.5 hectares. Single projects are being implemented here. Each unit has its own operating manual in the language of the customer country. A megawatt engine, made at the request of Kazakhstan, was launched in the presence of the PMR President. A unit for Uralmash will be manufactured by February. There is a Ukrainian order. The giant workshop was located on the basis of a former waste warehouse. The roof is being renewed now, the President was told.

Concluding his visit to the enterprise, Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed gratitude to the staff for their work, for their significant contribution to the development of the economy of Pridnestrovie and ensuring the country's self-sufficiency, as well as for the fact that Electromash adequately represents the republic in the world.


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