11/13/23 19:25
The situation with three Pridnestrovian factories: Elektromash, Moldavizolit and factory “Potential” of Bendery remains difficult
12/06/21 21:11
Exclusive equipment was produced by the Technosila Russian company order
Фото: president.gospmr.org
06/04/21 19:35
A new agreement with Link-Product company will open up additional opportunities for promoting products on the Russian market
03/26/21 17:39
Tour operators were shown the Elektromash plant so that they knew why it might be interesting for tourists
02/15/21 17:28
The company received certificate of compliance with the technical regulation requirements of the Moldova Republic
01/23/20 16:05
Representatives of the parties expressed confidence that such cooperation will be fruitful and mutually beneficial
12/19/19 18:59
Belarusian colleagues advise local specialists on new equipment
12/12/19 22:11
The company received a certificate with a validity period of 3 years
11/05/19 12:33
The first machine has already been shipped to Estonia
10/11/19 15:05
The contract of intent is signed within PIIEF-2019