Elektromash to supply LED lamps to Moldova

02/15/21 17:28

Elektromash to supply LED lamps to Moldova

The company received certificate of compliance with the technical regulation requirements of the Moldova Republic
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Tiraspol, February 15. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The Elektromash plant is expanding the geography of LED lamps supply. The company received a certificate of compliance with the requirements of the technical regulation of Moldova "Ensuring the presence of electrical equipment on the market intended for use within certain voltage limits". This means that lamps can not only be sold in Pridnestrovie, but also in Moldova.  

Elektromash has mastered the mass production of 15 types of LED lamps in three price categories: economy, standard and premium.

Each price category includes 5 modifications of lamps with a power range from 30 to 100 W and voltage of 220 V. These lamps are available for public sale in the SP CJSC Elektromash brand store, as well as in the CJSC Farba-Group multiple store. 

In addition, the plant customizes lamps with power from 10 to 500 W with various mounting options, luminous flux distribution angle and light temperature.

“Economy” lamps are the most inexpensive. They provide an even distribution of the luminous flux at an angle of 120 degrees in all planes. They are intended for lighting park areas, playgrounds, backyards, etc.

Lamps of "standard" and "premium" categories are primarily intended for lighting roads and highways. There, to ensure their equal lighting, the angle of distribution of the light flux should be 135-140 degrees in one plane (along the road) and 75-80 degrees in the perpendicular plane (across the road). The problem of the luminous flux correct distribution is solved in our lanterns by using special borosilicate lenses.

Lamps of all categories have a "smart" control system. Due to the function of temperature stabilization, they can work in particularly hot conditions or remain operational and not overheat on a hot sunny day during round-the-clock service. Lamps of the "standard" and "premium" category also have overheating protection functions, while the lamps of the "premium" category are additionally equipped with protection against 380 V and lightning protection.


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