Vadim Krasnoselsky visited a new production facility

07/14/23 15:08

Vadim Krasnoselsky visited a new production facility

Being with a working inspection in Bendery, the President visited a workshop for the production of paving slabs. This is one of the divisions of Dobrova LLC. The company has been on the building materials market for more than two decades. Started with trading activities, it gradually moved to production. They produce profiles for PVC and drywall structures, launched a workshop for the rolling of metal tiles and corrugated board, as well as a line for the production of additional roofing elements – strips and drip for roof. They mastered in 2016 a new direction – the production of vibropressed products. There are two dozen items in the assortment. One of the most popular products is paving slabs. They decided A year and a half ago to develop this direction. They acquired idle production facilities of the former Bendery Experimental Repair Plant, which had lost liquidity and was selling off the assets of the Plant. Utilities were replaced. The premises have been renovated. Thanks to state support – concessional lending – they purchased modern high-tech equipment. A new paving slab production facility was launched about a month ago, which has no analogues in Pridnestrovie. Head of the company Alexander Marchenko told the President that there are only two such enterprises in the neighboring republic. Therefore, the products are in demand on the Moldovan market. About 900 squares of tiles are produced per shift. The output will be 1.5 thousand square meters in the near future. So far, the novelty is laid only in the Dubossary region and exported. The remaining customers use the products of the old workshop, which continues to work. Alexander Marchenko noted that the tiles are being laid at 46 Pridnestrovian sites from Kamenka to Dnestrovsk at the moment.

An important aspect, according to the President, is the use of local materials. The company uses 98% of the resources extracted on the territory of the republic in the production of paving slabs. Only European chemicals and Korean dyes are imported, the President was told.

Vadim Krasnoselsky asked how many people work at the enterprise. 57 specialists were employed on a permanent basis, about two hundred with temporary worker. New production equipment requires less labor. The process is mechanized as much as possible. The interlocutors noted that it is important at the same time that due to the expansion of production, the number of jobs in related areas in particular in the construction industry is increasing. They touched upon the topic of social support for employees of the enterprise. The head of the company said that for many years the empty buildings of the repair plant, in particular the physio-clinic, are being used to create social infrastructure. The company is preparing office space for the administration, as well as service apartments for employees. This is an important element of corporate policy aimed at retaining and attracting labor resources, said Alexander Marchenko. In addition, plans for the next few years to open a canteen and a gym for employees, as well as a fitness center and a banquet hall, which will be available to residents of Bendery. The President noted in this regard that socially responsible business is an important component of the country's development.


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