Growth is observed in 8 of 11 industrial sectors

09/22/21 12:16

Growth is observed in 8 of 11 industrial sectors

Since the year’s beginning, ferrous metallurgy, electric power as well as food and light industries provided almost 90 per cent of all industrial production
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Tiraspol, September 22 /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Following the results of first 8 months of the current year, an increasing in manufacture volumes in 8 of 11 regions of the Pridnestrovian industry. In two building materials industry as well as the printing industry sectors the volumes remained practically at the level of the year of 2020. In their turn, a decreasing in the flour-and-cereals as well as compound feed industry, output volume was observed within 5 per cent.

Such figures are contained in the PMR Economic Development Ministry the assessment report.

Among four leading Pridnestrovian industries are the ferrous metallurgy, electric power, food as well as light industry, which provided almost 90 per cent of all industrial output. The ferrous metallurgy showed the highest production growth rates both in current prices (in 2.2 times) and in volume terms (about 32.2% more).

In the food industry, the active processing and canning period began in the summer. The Economic Development Ministry is expecting that by the end of 2021, the industrial output will increase by more than 10 per cent.

The increased summer demand also had a stimulating effect on the building materials industry: particularly, the building mortar, reinforced concrete products as well as concrete’s production increased.

In the flour and cereals industry, despite a slight decrease in the common rate for the first 8 months, in August, compared to July, there was a production increasing by 1.5 times. This’s due to the in processing incoming new harvest commodity.


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