02/14/24 16:52
The Head of the PMR Ministry of Economic Development spoke about the consequences of economic pressure from the Republic of Moldova
12/27/22 16:54
Pridnestrovie will be supplied with gas in January, yet it still needs to be saved
11/08/22 14:39
According to the Economic Development Minister, Chisinau's decision to reduce gas volumes for the PMR isn’t based on any calculations
12/20/21 19:02
More than two-thirds of all industrial output was provided by ferrous metallurgy and electric power industry
09/22/21 12:16
Since the year’s beginning, ferrous metallurgy, electric power as well as food and light industries provided almost 90 per cent of all industrial production
09/21/21 18:45
No price spikes could be expected in autumn
03/27/21 12:50
According to Minister of Economic Development, the subsidizing amount from the state was at 400 thousand rubles
03/27/21 12:29
According to Sergey Obolonik, negative weather conditions affected the agriculture resulting quality, where a fall of more than 40% was noted
02/19/21 15:55
This allowed to create hundreds of new jobs