12/16/20 14:26
Their installation will be continued in Tiraspol and other towns of the republic
12/16/20 13:24
In October-November, export performance is the best since January 2019
09/29/20 20:50
Agricultural producers got the assistance because the crop losses due to the adverse weather conditions
01/27/20 17:22
The indicators were pulled down by the iron and steel industry and light industry, the remaining industries showed a cumulative increase of 10.4%
12/26/19 18:14
Instead of quarterly calculations, it is proposed to make calculations once a year
12/23/19 13:50
At the same time, imports from the Russian Federation grew by more than 15%
10/22/19 17:49
This is 5% lower than the previous year indices
10/10/19 15:27
The experience allows Pridnestrovian economic agents to compete in the RF and the EU markets
06/10/19 18:11
Cooperation with the Russian regions, banks and IT companies was planned
05/25/19 18:34
Up to 20% of RCC export supplies go to the Ukrainian market
05/25/19 17:11
The lifting of sanctions allowed to start shipping products starting from May
04/20/19 17:28
Improvement of business climate will become a key subject of a forum this year, the Director of the Investments Agency of Pridnestrovie Andrey Betanov noted
04/09/19 15:11
Sergey Obolonik: It allowed most enterprises to function in a profitability zone
04/09/19 14:32
Its structure is dominated by industry, non-market services, trade, and agriculture
03/14/19 21:10
In particular, entrepreneurs will receive consulting support and deferments of payments, while tax inspections will change their work schedule