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In particular, entrepreneurs will receive consulting support and deferments of payments, while tax inspections will change their work schedule

Tiraspol, March, 14. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The transition of individual entrepreneurs to the new tax regimes will be as simple as possible. How this will be implemented in practice was discussed today at a meeting of the Council for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises at the Ministry of Economic Development.

It should be reminded that from April 1, businessmen who do not want to create a legal entity will be able to choose one of three tax regimes instead of the current patent system in Pridnestrovie. Depending on the scale and activities, they will be able to register as self-employed citizens, work under the simplified taxation system, or re-acquire an individual business patent. However, now when working on a patent, there will be restrictions on the maximum amount of products that can be imported across the border.

Director of the State Tax Service, Maxim Badenko said that to ensure that the process of business adaptation to the new legislation proceeds as smoothly as possible, government agencies are ready to provide entrepreneurs with all the necessary consulting support.

“What exactly do we plan to do? To change the work schedule of tax inspections in terms of receiving applications. For the convenience of entrepreneurs it is planned to organize work from 8 to 12 a.m., and to make Saturday a working day for a certain period of time,” Maxim Badenko noted.

The specific work schedule will be approved for each territorial tax inspection separately.

A hotline will also be available to provide consultations. Representatives of the tax authorities also plan to make the tours in markets. But not in order to monitor them, but to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to write an application about switching to a new regime of operation on the spot.

Furthermore, those who do not have time to submit an application before April 1 will still be able to continue working according to old documents for a month. A deferment of patent fees will be provided. It can also be made during April. However, in the future, the previous order of advance payments will be returned. 


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