11/22/23 17:56
The bill proposed by the Government was adopted by parliamentarians in final reading
07/04/23 17:16
The number of entrepreneurs who switched to a simplified taxation system increased from 2 to 19 thousand
12/14/21 11:09
Alexander Martynov summed up results of the PMR Government working
02/17/21 19:37
This measure is aimed at supporting transport organizations that suffered serious losses during the period of emergency and quarantine
02/16/21 17:44
Moreover, in the whole they compiled for 50% of the republican budget actual income
01/16/21 21:56
The Prime Minister noted that infrastructure projects would continue
01/30/20 16:57
The proposed bill facilitates the access of agricultural producers to preferential tax
12/23/19 14:22
President signed amendments to Law on Corporate Income Tax
12/14/19 12:38
According to the Prime Minister Alexander Martynov, growth was provided by a number of industries - electricity, construction, engineering
11/27/19 14:22
According to the parliamentarian, it frees businessmen from maintaining accounting and tax reporting
03/28/19 12:28
SCC clarifies some of the aspects of the new tax regimes
03/14/19 21:10
In particular, entrepreneurs will receive consulting support and deferments of payments, while tax inspections will change their work schedule
03/11/19 14:20
Businessmen report about tightening of terms of tax audits and also ask to suspend some standards of the ecological reporting