The effect of the tax reform carried out in the PMR is significant - Alexander Rozenberg

07/04/23 17:16

The effect of the tax reform carried out in the PMR is significant - Alexander Rozenberg

The number of entrepreneurs who switched to a simplified taxation system increased from 2 to 19 thousand

Tiraspol, July 4. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. If on January 1, 2023 the number of entrepreneurs using the simplified form of taxation was 2 thousand people, now it is already 19 thousand and continues to grow. The amount of tax revenues, taking into account the benefits provided for the purchase of thermal printers, increased by 18 million rubles. Such figures were given by Prime Minister Alexander Rosenberg during a press conference for representatives of the Pridnestrovian mass media.

“This is the money that, by and large, will be directed to the fulfillment of social obligations that the state assumes,” Alexander Rosenberg said. – “Yes, they certainly make up an insignificant part of the resource that we need. But nevertheless it is a lot of money. And we believe that the effect of this reform is significant.”

According to Alexander Rozenberg, the goal of the Government on the way to further improve this area is to create a fair and transparent tax system. Everyone is interested in ensuring that education is at a high level, that children go to good kindergartens, that the streets are clean.

“We all want a favorable living environment,” Alexander Rozenberg said. “But when it comes to paying taxes, the question arises, ‘Why me?’.”

Meanwhile, the situation when an entrepreneur, having a turnover of 50 thousand dollars, acquired a patent for 400 rubles, can hardly be called fair.

“Everyone wants to receive their pension,” Alexander Rosenberg said. – “But even today, the unified social tax for a patenter is 14%, while in other areas of business - 24 plus 1 percent of social insurance. We are talking about the income tax on attracted persons in the patent system of 5%, and a simple hard worker at the same Elektromash pays 15% income tax. So where is the justice here?

At the same time, the state must create conditions to make it profitable to pay taxes.

“Business should be interested in paying taxes and at the same time know that no questions arise for it and stability in relations with the state is ensured,” Alexander Rozenberg explained. - And pressure should be minimized in terms of reporting, administration, allocation of these taxes: one percent there, two percent here, and so on. This is not a business problem, it is a state problem. My task as a business is to pay the tax, and then you deal with it. For this, the state has appropriate structures. This is where you need to go."

In the future, the state should create conditions for businesses to move away from the patent and simplified system into legal entities.

“Everyone should be interested in moving into a normal business: small, medium, and so on,” Alexander Rozenberg said. But the conditions must be the same. Because it is very expensive for the state to administer these moments. When there are different tax systems, there is a need for control. And the state exercises this control at the expense of the budget. For what? We must create conditions for everything to be as transparent as possible.”


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