Victor Guzun told about the advantages of a simplified tax system

11/27/19 14:22

Victor Guzun told about the advantages of a simplified tax system

According to the parliamentarian, it frees businessmen from maintaining accounting and tax reporting

Tiraspol, November 27./Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Since April 1 tax reform has been launched in Pridnestrovie. Individual businessmen were offered three tax regimes: patent simplified and for self-employed.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry Viktor Guzun said that after the reform, despite fears, there was no decline in business activity in Pridnestrovie. On the contrary, the number of individual businessmen has increased compared to last year.

“We set the task to carry out tax reform in order to give businessmen more opportunities to engage in various types of activities and, most importantly, the tax burden on the business is calculated on the basis of what type of activity the businessman is engaged in and what volumes of sales and revenues he has”, said Victor Guzun in the interview to the First Pridnestrovian TV Channel.

According to him, most businesses choose the patent system of taxation. According to the State Tax Service of the Ministry of Finance from April 1 to October 31, the number of businessmen who prefer to work in such a regime amounted to 14,411 people or 94.98%.

Victor Guzun explains this habit of businessmen themselves: «The patent system was somewhat transformed, but the basic components remained the same. It is convenient, simple and, most importantly, it is familiar for businessmen».

However, in his opinion, there are many advantages of a simplified tax system. Such a special tax regime, according to the relevant civil service, was chosen by 557 people (3.67%).

“You can carry out almost all activities except those related to sub-excise goods. The conditions, in my opinion, are much better than if the entrepreneur conducted business in the form of a legal entity, - said the parliamentarian. – The simplified system frees the entrepreneur from maintaining accounting and tax reporting. If you interact with jurists, all the cash flows come to a settlement account that is controlled by the bank. And if you interact with individuals, when you use the online cash register, all data automatically comes to a single calculation centre”.

By the way, online cashiers, according to the data by the beginning of the month, are used by more than 40% of entrepreneurs who switched to the simplified system.

The least used mode is for the self-employed. 205 people switched to it -Jo 1.35% of the total number of individual entrepreneurs. According to the tax service, 28% of the self-employed are engaged in folk crafts, 11.5% - advertising services, 10% - freelance, 9% - massage. Businessmen pay only social payments: a single social tax of 14% and a mandatory insurance contribution of 3%.

Till 2020 representatives of tax administration will hold seminars and consultations for businessmen, is also decided not to arrange to the 2020th tax audits.


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