Working meeting under the President

10/10/22 11:35

Working meeting under the President

The PMR President in the course of the traditional for the working week beginning the conference call with the heads of state authorities and local government exchanged information on the situation in the towns and districts of the republic. The situation is stable. Social obligations are fulfilled. Utility service providers are operating normally. The city voluntary Saturday work was held in Tiraspol. The next one is scheduled for the 7th of November. This will be a nationwide event. Cleaning and landscaping works are planned. Approximately 20000 rose bushes have been purchased. The demand for seedlings is noticeably greater. Coniferous and deciduous trees will be purchased.

Development programs are being adjusted. It is proposed to include the Tiraspol city basin in the Capital Investment Fund 2023. The overfulfillment of the plan for revenues to the municipal budgets made it possible to cover more objects, including problematic road sections. Vadim Krasnoselsky drew attention to the destruction of the asphalt road on one of the sections of the Tiraspol-Parkany road, instructing him to put it in order in a timely manner.

Among the issues discussed at the meeting are the difficulties with the sale of agricultural products with all the ensuing negative consequences for farmers. Thematic meetings and collective meetings will be held to develop support measures.

Explanatory work with the business community will continue. Patent owners should be timely and fully informed about the reasons, purpose, essence and mechanism for the transition to the updated taxation system.


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