Enterprises with foreign investment will be exempted from duties on the import of equipment

11/22/23 17:56

Enterprises with foreign investment will be exempted from duties on the import of equipment

The bill proposed by the Government was adopted by parliamentarians in final reading

Tiraspol, November 22. / Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Today the Supreme Council adopted amendments to the Law “On Customs Tariffs” in the second and final reading. The government proposed to exempt from paying customs duties organizations with foreign investments that import equipment into the territory of Pridnestrovie for their own technological needs, reports the parliamentary press service.

In the current version of the Law “On Customs Tariffs”, starting from 2021, a list of goods that are not subject to this tax has been defined. These are finished products, raw materials, materials, semi-finished products, components, spare parts, the acquisition costs of which are included in the cost of products, works, and services.

However, the “equipment” category is not included in the list. The government proposed to make a corresponding addition to the law. The parliamentarians agreed with this and adopted the presented document without amendments.

“Taking into account the rather difficult situation along the perimeter of the republic, the Government considers that it is necessary to stimulate the influx of foreign investment and create favorable conditions for the development of already existing enterprises with foreign capital. The decision taken today is precisely aimed at achieving these important goals,” commented the press service of the highest executive body of power.

The changes will come into force after the law is signed by the President of the PMR.


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