11/22/23 17:56
The bill proposed by the Government was adopted by parliamentarians in final reading
06/09/21 11:52
Manufacturing of products on the territory of the PMR is planned to begin in July this year
02/19/21 16:48
The PMR Investment committee should become a platform for proposals developing, which will increase the investment activity
02/19/21 15:55
This allowed to create hundreds of new jobs
02/11/21 14:47
He launched line for honey processing and bottling as well as beehives and wooden ware production on canning factory
06/24/20 18:41
The total investment amounted to 5.8 million euros
01/31/20 12:31
Ukrainian entrepreneur will develop horticultural activities, while Polish investor will be engaged in the roof bolting production
12/23/19 16:13
The project was approved by the Investment Council under the PMR Government
12/20/19 15:19
One of the main factors are tax preferences, affordable energy resources and convenient geographical location
12/14/19 12:06
The main factors were the program for subsidizing interest rates and compensation of the inter-tariff difference to housing and utilities companies
10/12/19 10:39
Development Director of Timilink Siberia, Alesya Kadakina, commented on the results of the VII Pridnestrovian International Investment Economic Forum
10/11/19 21:42
Vice Prime Minister - Minister of Economic Development summed up the results of the VII Pridnestrovian International Investment Economic Forum
10/10/19 16:09
They provide for the creation of industries in the field of metalworking and agriculture