02/19/19 11:18
Norma will act until the end of 2019 and will concern, in particular, the industrial enterprises and the organizations of service trade
07/04/18 15:41
Reducing government spending will not affect wages and pensions
02/15/18 20:57
It is supposed to apply to persons who actually reside in Pridnestrovie for more than 183 days a year but in legal terms only stay in the country
07/06/17 13:29
The strategic goal is to bring it to an average of 26%
03/29/17 12:34
This measure aims to place local and foreign ethanol producers in an equal competitive environment
03/28/17 15:28
Alexander Martynov: "Tax evasion is a serious crime because it affects the interests of every citizen"
11/16/16 14:24
In particular, they studied experience of the Federal Tax Service in the order of Russian tax legislation application
09/06/16 17:06
The tax rate will be lowered from 13% to 3%
05/30/16 19:29
To achieve this, some enterprises belonging to different industries will be employing the new tax system in a pilot mode
02/25/16 17:01
According to government members, it may result in a drop of budget revenues
02/01/16 19:08
The government has backed the initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development
01/25/16 12:48
It will take effect on the following day after official publication