Directional signs to appear in Bendery

12/16/20 14:26

Directional signs to appear in Bendery

Their installation will be continued in Tiraspol and other towns of the republic

Tiraspol, December 16. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Tourist directional signs will appear in Pridnestrovie. The first 20 signs will be installed in Bendery by the end of the year. Then their creation for Tiraspol and other town of the republic will start.

“Their creation is long overdue. Some tourist attractions have installed such signs independently, but they aren’t in compliance with standards. A tourist sign is a road sign, which is recognized almost all over the world. All generally accepted tourism organizations use them to simplify navigation for the tourists. Thus, guests of our republic will be able to find out where a particular tourist attraction is located,” the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Natalya Sitkina described.

The tourist directional signs were developed by the Ministry of Economic Development in cooperation with the PMR Ministry of Internal Affairs within the framework of the Support and Development of Tourism in the PMR for 2019-2026 state target program. They are planned to be installed throughout the republic by the end of 2026.

“Because of the fact, that this year funding was allocated in a bounded sum, we began to produce signs to the main tourist landmarks for the Bendery,” the head of the PMR Tourism Agency Anna Mikolishina noted.

The first signs, which appear in the near future, will show the way to the Bendery Fortress, the New Neamt Holy Ascension Monastery, the Military Glory Memorial, the Kitskany Bridgehead, the monument devoted to the 55th Podolsk infantry regiment, the Local History Museum, the Kislov winery and to other attractions.

The directional signs are made from metal on, the name of the landmark is written in white letters in Russian and English languages on a brown background mode, as well as a direction arrow, the number of kilometers and the image icon. Above it there is a light-reflecting layer, so that all the inscriptions will be visible at night.

There will be two types of signs: those that indicate the direction to the object, and those that are located near landmarks.

“The tourist directional signs requirements are developed taking into account international standards. Therefore, they will be recognizable not only by Pridnestrovian residents, but also by foreign tourists,” the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Natalia Sitkina underlined.

When tourist signs will be installed in Bendery, their installation will start in Tiraspol.

“After the New Year holidays, we will start working with the capital state administration. In the capital, signs will be located from the Sheriff Sports Complex, then the belvedere, the Aquatir Sturgeon complex and so on,” the head of the Travel Agency Anna Mikolishina described.

Tourist information signs will be installed for attractive objects, from the point of view of industrial tourism, and for landmarks of culture-historical significance.

“We are choosing sights through which we can conveniently lay the republic-wide route, which will lead the tourist from the entrance to Pridnestrovie to the exit. Each landmark should be provided with access roads. That is, for each tourist attractions there should be a comprehensive program for the infrastructure development. It’s important pay attention not only to tourist information signs, but also to the fact of attractions readiness to receive tourists, that in each district or town guides will arrange an excursion,” Anna Mykolishina noted.


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