Агентство по туризму

09/27/21 16:11
Tourists from 28 countries of the world have visited it for two months of its work
09/08/21 17:55
It will be cleaned up, renovated and then opened for visiting by everyone, who is interested in history
08/16/21 13:50
Tourists will have a chance to have a sightseeing tour of town as well as the region villages
06/08/21 11:00
They will be arranged by the staff of the Archeology Research Laboratory of the Shevchenko PSU
05/25/21 16:43
The travel agency shared all details
05/14/21 19:15
It will allow them to have a priority access to entry points across the PMR state border
05/07/21 14:00
There they can learn about the main sights and routes
03/26/21 17:39
Tour operators were shown the Elektromash plant so that they knew why it might be interesting for tourists
03/16/21 12:16
We are talking about which enterprises are already open for tourists and what prospects this tourist destination has in our republic
03/11/21 16:03
Within five days of travelling, it will provide your insight into the national cuisines as well as sights of the republic
02/19/21 17:36
Here you can choose the direction and the type of travel around our republic to your liking
12/16/20 14:26
Their installation will be continued in Tiraspol and other towns of the republic
10/14/20 15:58
The first tour was held at the Bouquet of Moldavia Dubossary plant