Kolkotovaya Balka geological monument territory to improved

09/08/21 17:55

Kolkotovaya Balka geological monument territory to improved

It will be cleaned up, renovated and then opened for visiting by everyone, who is interested in history

Tiraspol, September 08 /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The place where the Kolkotovaya Balka geological monument is located will be improved. The Agriculture and Natural Resources Ministry approved a development plan for this area, which was developed jointly with the Tourism Agency, and includes four stages.

Firstly, the territory will be examined and cleaned up from a garbage, after which it will be renovated. The third stage is the infrastructure implementation, but the fourth one is the information promotion and the facility development.

“The cleaning of illegal dumps, which are enthralling the monument surrounding territory, the monument improvement, the installation of information stands, the organization of the territory safeguarding as well as the development of project documentation are envisaged. In the future, it’s planned to create the unique object in the republic, equipped for visiting not only scientists, but Pridnestrovians and the republic guests” Lyudmila Pilkova, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources described.

The territory cleaning will begin in September. Moreover, the monument territory as well as the adjacent territories will be put in order.

Initially territory of the geological monument of nature Kolkotovaya Balka included only two hectares. The subject was taken under the state protection in the year of 1975. In 1995 it was declared as a natural monument of republican significance. The natural monument is located on the northern Tiraspol outskirts and now its territory includes about 14 hectares.

Kolkotovaya Balka is an overarching geological section of global importance. The object of protection is a sedimentation of the Pleistocene epoch, containing valuable material on animals, plants and the natural environment of the last 700,000 years.


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