09/08/21 17:55
It will be cleaned up, renovated and then opened for visiting by everyone, who is interested in history
03/26/21 19:05
With its implementation in 6 years, the irrigated area will increase by almost 37 thousand hectares, and the yield will grow to 80%
03/23/21 14:33
These are farmers whose crops and perennial plantations were affected by last year's drought
08/04/20 19:36
In the second quarter of this year, 41 business entities applied for subsidies
10/22/19 15:18
The Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources also met with the Governor of the Bryansk Region, Alexander Bogomaz
04/17/19 20:26
In the Republic, there will take place in the traditional review competition
03/19/19 19:32
In Tiraspol there was held a meeting of the extended board of the department
03/19/19 13:24
Experts of the PMR Ministry of Agriculture planted white acacia, European ash, English oak, Crimean pine and American walnut
05/03/18 21:16
An expert from the Netherlands held a seminar at the agricultural ministry
12/19/17 11:26
Nearly 2.5 billion roubles will be allocated for these purposes from the Russian budget
12/18/17 22:33
They were trained in carrying out histological inspection. Professional development will provide accreditation for the veterinary laboratories in Pridnestrovie