The Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a plan for the restoration of the land-reclamation complex

03/26/21 19:05

The Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a plan for the restoration of the land-reclamation complex

With its implementation in 6 years, the irrigated area will increase by almost 37 thousand hectares, and the yield will grow to 80%

Tiraspol, March 26. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a plan of action for the repair and restoration of the land-reclamation complex. It was developed on behalf of the Government and is designed for 2021-2026. Having brought together the applications of all land users, specialists of irrigation systems, together with water users, examined each object. As a result, there was identified a list of those to be repaired, and a cost forecast was drawn up.

The total amount is almost 176.5 million rubles, of which about 66 million will be financed through a target acquisition to support the land-reclamation complex. As a result, it is planned to restore and reconstruct 15 pumping stations (including 5 head ones) - at the expense of targeted acquisition. And also 36 more pumping stations (including 1 head one) when determining the source of funding. 

Thus, as noted in the Ministry of Agriculture, with investments in the amount of all 176.5 million rubles, the ​​irrigated area will be increased by more than 38 thousand hectares. The repair of pumping stations will also prevent the disposal of 15 687 hectares of irrigated land.

Expansion of irrigated areas presupposes the participation of land users in the restoration of intrafarm networks. It will be necessary to lay an additional intrafarm network, having bought polyethylene pipes, as well as irrigation equipment and facilities beforehand. To restore intrafarm networks, according to preliminary estimates, 154 million rubles are needed. Another 616.3 million is needed for the purchase of irrigation equipment and facilities. Meanwhile, an increase in irrigated area will lead to better yields and, accordingly, an increase in income from the sale of agricultural products.

In general, according to the plan, over 6 years of the land-reclamation complex Development Program implementation, it is planned to restore irrigation to 36.9 thousand hectares, expanding the irrigated area to 56.8 thousand hectares. This will increase the crop yields from 50% to 80%; increase the gross production of crops and the level of provision of the population with food of its own production.


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