Personnel of the Veterinary Service completed advanced training courses in St. Petersburg

12/18/17 22:33

Personnel of the Veterinary Service completed advanced training courses in St. Petersburg

They were trained in carrying out histological inspection. Professional development will provide accreditation for the veterinary laboratories in Pridnestrovie

Tiraspol, December 18. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The head of the Veterinary Department of the Pridnestrovie's Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources Andrey Vislovsky and also representatives of the Republican Veterinary and Phytosanitation Center returned from St. Petersburg.

In Russia's northern capital between December 10 and December 16, experts in the field of veterinary medicine took advanced training courses in Morphological Determination of Species Belonging of Meat and Fish for Processing and also Production of the Processing through the Routine Histology Method, the press service of Pridnestrovie's Agriculture Ministry reports.

According to Andrey Vislovsky, the courses are organized in order to train veterinarians in carrying out veterinary inspection through the histological inspection to detect species belonging of raw materials and finished goods of animal origin. It is necessary to expand accreditation of the veterinary laboratories in Pridnestrovie.

"Experts of different federal budgetary institutions of interregional laboratories from 20 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation took part in the advanced training courses," Andrey Vislovsky emphasized.

Upon completion of the training, the Pridnestrovian veterinarians received Russian upgrade qualification certificates.

The visit of the Pridnestrovian officers to St. Petersburg ended in signing of the cooperation agreement between the Republican Center of Veterinary and Sanitary and Phytosanitary Wellbeing and the European Educational Advice Centre. The agreement was signed by the heads of the organizations – the director of the Pridnestrovian center Oleg Karpinsky and the acting CEO of the Russian center Alesya Pavlyukovich.

"This agreement raises the status and the importance of the Pridnestrovie's  veterinary and phytosanitary service,    opens prospects in cooperation between the Russian and Pridnestrovian departments," Oleg Karpinsky informs.


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