Extended meeting under the PMR President: action plan within the framework of the Year of the AIC, Rural Territories and Rural Tourism

01/17/23 12:49

Extended meeting under the PMR President: action plan within the framework of the Year of the AIC, Rural Territories and Rural Tourism

The plan for holding the Year of Agro-Industrial Complex, Rural Territories and Rural Tourism in Pridnestrovie in 2023 was presented by the PMR Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Oleg Diligul during an expanded meeting under the President. The Decree on the announcement was signed by the President in August last year. An official list of planned events has been formed to date. It includes 87 items.

The speaker noted that the set of measures of the first block is aimed at increasing the food self-sufficiency of the state, creating conditions for investment and innovative development of the industry, popularizing professions related to agricultural production, and the rural population employment increasing. We are talking about subsidizing preferential loans for investment purposes, acquiring cattle heifers, vaccinating animals, developing a reclamation complex, compensating for payment for irrigation measures, as well as subsidizing domestic agricultural organizations, including peasant farms that donate milk for processing. Oleg Diligul spoke about measures aimed at import substitution and support for the competitiveness of domestic goods in the domestic market. He focused on the importance of information support for ongoing events, campaigning among young people and interaction with educational institutions aimed at increasing the prestige of professions in the agro-industrial complex.

The second block – measures aimed at the development of rural areas. It was developed according to the speaker in cooperation with state administrations of cities and districts and provides for the repair of premises of rural outpatient clinics and feldsher-obstetric stations, rural houses of culture, educational institutions, as well as the creation of sports infrastructure, the improvement of parks and playgrounds, the construction and reconstruction of networks street lighting, reconstruction of the water supply system of rural settlements.

The Ministry of Agriculture worked on the third block together with the Tourism Agency. The Ministry of Economic Development took an active part in the formation of the list of events. The goal is to increase the tourist attractiveness of Pridnestrovie, the development of agro-tourism and the improvement of the well-being of rural residents, the preservation of cultural and historical heritage as a result. The plans include holding "The Best Family Compound" contest, allocating grants, developing weekend tours in rural areas with appropriate information support, organizing excursion routes for schoolchildren and students in agricultural enterprises.

The President aimed at joint work on the implementation of the presented plan, noting the importance of the development of agriculture in all areas.


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