09/26/17 12:23
The official spoke about the possibilities of building food trade relations with Russian regions
09/25/17 18:00
It was noted that the authorities and businessmen of Russia's northern region were interested in Pridnestrovian vegetables, fruits and KVINT products
04/06/17 15:54
The document has already been submitted to the president's administration and the government for consideration and to Russia's agricultural ministry for approval
01/30/17 18:30
The minister of agriculture and natural resources, Efimiy Koval, spoke about the outcome of the governmental visit to Moscow
10/12/16 18:06
It is supposed to restore and reconstruct the country's irrigation system in the area of over 26,000 ha
05/30/16 21:34
Pridnestrovians were awarded eight golden, three silver and two bronze medals
04/25/16 21:55
In this connection Pridnestrovie's agricultural ministry recommends fishing enthusiasts to avoid picking washed ashore fish
04/05/16 18:21
Such regulation aiming to preserve rare species of plants and animals is under development