Vadim Krasnoselsky held a working meeting with the Minister of Agriculture

03/22/22 15:23

Vadim Krasnoselsky held a working meeting with the Minister of Agriculture

Meeting of the President with the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources was held at the presidential executive office. They talked about food security with an emphasis on measures that are relevant in the current conditions. The issues that were raised during the visits of Vadim Krasnoselsky to agricultural enterprises of the republic were discussed. They focused on the activities of the State Unitary Enterprise "Pridnestrovie-Forest ". According to the results of past years, the work of the enterprise was recognized by the President as unsatisfactory. Measures, which Alexander Rosenberg spoke about, are being taken. We are talking about structural and personnel changes, as well as new approaches to the organization of the production process. The enterprise must be profitable, and for this it has a fundamental resource, but at the same time, any kind of schemes that wash away funds are unacceptable, the President emphasized. He recalled that he was forced by his strong-willed decision to ban the export of timber from Pridnestrovie in order to stop the criminal squandering and theft of timber exported at low prices in fact. The Minister of Agriculture announced that the pricing policy has been officially changed. Prices were raised by 50%, bringing them to the market level. There are concluded contracts and developments for the future. A list of works was also formed with a clear indication of their cost.

The talk turned to the use of a new unit produced by the Tiraspol plant "Elektromash" – a wood splitter. "Pridnestrovie-Forest" acquired one copy. The equipment is being tested in the Grigoriopol forestry, and based on this experience, a decision will be made on the advisability of purchasing more units. The wood splitter requires electricity, therefore, various options for organizing the workflow are being considered.

The interlocutors said that one of the fundamental tasks of the enterprise is the replenishment of forest plantations. The plans to create nurseries and grow a variety of seedlings not only for our own needs, but also for sale were discussed. Firstly, domestic production is a guarantee of self-sufficiency and secondly a source of working capital, without which the development of an enterprise is impossible. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that the forest is a renewable resource, but the attitude towards it should be prudent, and its use should be efficient.

Another question of ​​discussion within the framework of the workshop is the functioning of the botanical garden. The PMR President had complaints about the organization of the work of the botanical garden. Corrections have been made. But there is still work to be done, Vadim Krasnoselsky believes. He instructed to prepare a plan for the improvement of footpaths through the park. In the course of the movement of visitors, the accompanying leisure infrastructure should be thought out. This will not require large investments, but will increase the flow of guests, which will ultimately lead to an increase in the organization's profits. As for the perennial plantings of the botanical garden, they need inventory and cleaning, Vadim Krasnoselsky is sure. The value of individual exhibits has become a convenient excuse, the President noted. It must be presented to the attention of citizens in order for visitors to enjoy a rare plant. A lot of work remains to be done for this – organizational and cleaning and landscaping. The botanical garden is a ready-made basic object with its own atmosphere, history and most importantly a well-formed natural component, the PMR President emphasized.

They spoke in the course of the meeting about the improvement of the territory of the Pridnestrovian Research Institute of Agriculture, located near Botanical Garden. The President was there today with an inspection, inspecting the future residential area. He talked with local residents, who drew presidential attention to idle abandoned buildings. It was instructed to conduct a technical examination in order to decide on their future fate. Vavilov Square also needs care, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted. The Head of the city, the Head of the Ministry of Agriculture and specialized specialists in the near future will leave for the microdistrict in order to determine further actions on the spot.


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