Government approved six-year rural tourism development program

05/25/21 16:43

Government approved six-year rural tourism development program

The travel agency shared all details

Tiraspol, May 25. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Last week, the PMR Government approved the rural tourism’s development concept (agritourism) in Pridnestrovie for period from 2021 to 2026. Egor Artyukhov, the PMR Tourism Agency’s Deputy Director described the document as well as stages of project implementation to Novosti Pridnestrovya. According to him, the main program task is to create a modern and profitable tourism sector.

“Generally, a rural tourism should be considered as one of means of revenue additional sources for the rural population, as well as for subjects located in rural areas. The concept defines main stages, directions and arrangements upon which a rural tourism will develop,” Yegor Artyukhov noted.

The developing of the Pridnestrovian rural tourism is just beginning. However, already now, according to the PMR Tourism Agency deputy director, there are separate places that acquaint Pridnestrovians as well as foreign tourists with the culture and life in the countryside, including all agricultural enterprises.

“Within the framework of this kind of tourism, it possible to visit the ones agricultural enterprises that already arrange excursions. Tourist will get acquainted with the certain products entire production cycle, assure oneself of the raw materials’ quality as well as get acquainted with the finished products,” Yegor Artyukhov described.

At present, the sturgeon complex Aquatir, the Tiraspol Winery & Distillery Kvint, the Buket Moldavii factory, the Kislov Winery are part of enterprises that already conduct excursions. There are also leisure centers, located in the countryside. Among them are Sadki fazenda, U Dim Dimycha farmstead, the Poyata agro-boarding house, the Bashtina guest house as well as others. The Tourism Agency website shares with all holiday destinations.

“Tourists will get acquainted with the local culture, household activities and traditions, settling down in guest houses, which are located in rural areas. They will be able to taste environmentally friendly products that have grown on our land”, the PMR Tourism Agency Deputy Director noted.

Egor Artyukhov emphasized: there is something to show in the countryside. About half of our republic monuments are located in villages. Apart from the picturesque landscapes, there are many museums that can get additional development opportunities.

“It’s necessary to approach the matter in a comprehensive manner to diversify the tourist offer. For instance, a tourist comes to a rural guest house, is living there for a while, and concurrently learning about the local culture. We can additionally offer to visit museums as well as local enterprises. At the discretion, a person can go fishing or hunting. Thus, a tourist will be able to relax, catch a breath of fresh air, and at the same time to learn something new about Pridnestrovie,” Egor Artyukhov noted.


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