12/07/18 15:09
German consulting company analysts will soon complete an analysis of the republic investment attractiveness
11/26/18 15:37
The parties discussed the possibility of signing an agreement between the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Volgograd and Pridnestrovie, as well as with PMR Investment Agency
11/16/17 19:34
It can provide centralized deliveries of the Pridnestrovian production to the Russian market
08/30/17 15:55
The document aims to improve the investment climate and encourage the attraction of both domestic and foreign investment in our economy
03/07/17 19:44
The solution of this issue is one of the action points in the road map for the republican foreign economic activity development
02/16/17 18:09
Thus, due to anticipated growth in imported tobacco products, the republican budget will receive more revenues from the payment of import duty
04/06/16 16:43
According to the minister of economic development, repaid debts will not reflate the country's economy, but will be finally left at shopping centres and supermarkets
03/23/16 11:33
This issue has been negotiated for over half a year
03/18/16 21:22
The first meeting of the investment forum organizing committee was held in the Government
03/09/16 21:43
Lawmakers intend to hold a public hearing on the situation surrounding the plant