Pridnestrovian laboratories have to obtain accreditation in the Russian Federation

03/07/17 19:44

Pridnestrovian laboratories have to obtain accreditation in the Russian Federation

The solution of this issue is one of the action points in the road map for the republican foreign economic activity development
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Tiraspol, March 7. /Novosti Pridnstrovya/. Pridnestrovian laboratories lack accreditation in Russia and it slows down work of the local export enterprises considerably. Possibilities f this old problem solution were discussed at the meeting with manufacturers and representatives of the Standardization, Metrology, and Certification Center in the Economic Development Ministry.

It's important to remind that a new law enacting conformity regulations for the export enterprises was adopted in the Russian Federation in 2014. The present accreditation of the Pridnestrovian factory laboratories has expired, and they have to obtain a new one which corresponds to the new Russian legislation.

«We are at a loss, because in order to receive a regulations conformity certificate of the Russian Federation or the Customs Union we have to find Russia-located entities and to raise the export costs. Consequently, actually, our export production loses competitiveness," the Pridnestrovie's Economic Development Minister Sergey Obolonik noted.

A solution for the developed problem has been already searched for three years. Russia has recently expressed readiness to help with this issue.

«We have obtained assurances that it would be possible to solve this problem at the meetings with the Russian Industry and Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology in the Russian Federation in January of this year. Now, we want to finish the solution of the issue by this meeting in order that we had certification authorities and our export enterprises had regulations conformity certificates here, in Pridnestrovie," Sergey Obolonik emphasized.

First of all, the enterprises have to prepare information on the laboratories. The minister notes that the solution of this issue is one of the action points in the road map for the republican foreign economic activity development.


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