Economic Development Minister reports about results of a working trip to Moscow on the Prime Minister

08/09/16 17:15

Economic Development Minister reports about results of a working trip to Moscow on the Prime Minister

Tiraspol, August 9. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The Prime Minister Pavel Prokudin held a working meeting with the Economic Development Minister Dmitry Boltrushko. Results of the visit by the head of economic department to Moscow were a main topic of the dialogue, the press service of the Government reports.

According to the Prime Minister's order, Dmitry Boltrushko met with the director of the Department of Economic Cooperation with CIS and Eurasian Integration Development of the Russian Economic Development Ministry Ilya Galkin. Some issues of Pridnestrovie's export promotion in the Russian market were discussed at the meeting.

We will remind that Russia and Pridnestrovie have developed the concrete mechanism aiming to intensify shipment of the Pridnestrovian production to the Russian Federation. According to the profile minister, this mechanism has already proved its feasibility. The Russian Federation has expressed readiness to support it further.

«It's rather difficult to judge efficiency of the mechanism now because a small period of time has passed. But I'm sure that by the end of the year export of production which has had some troubles with delivering to the Russian market thus far will be facilitated, and that will urge expansion of export to the Russian Federation," the Economic Development Minister added.

At the moment, export to the Russian territory is carried out by 7 of 11 export-oriented Pridnestrovie's enterprises. As the minister explained, any exporter can fall under this mechanism filing a request to the Economic Development Ministry or the Government.

Also, the Economic Development Minister informed the Russian colleagues on the current social and economic situation in the republic. «In particular, it was talked about a difficult situation in the foreign exchange market and also about considerable budget shortfall," the minister has noted. As Dmitry Boltrushko emphasized, in the Russian Federation, they «understand our problems clearly, they are delved into them and know about them even more than we think». In his view, Pridnestrovie will succeed and move forward with the help of leading experts.

Among other things, some issues concerning interdepartmental interaction and also the agreements reached during the visit of the Russian delegation headed by the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, the Russian President's Envoy for Pridnestrovie Dmitry Rogozin were discussed in Moscow. As Dmitry Boltrushko reported, interaction forms in the field of training of our executives were established.


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