The Ministry of Economic Development presented results of the farmer’s state support in the first half of the year

09/29/20 20:50

The Ministry of Economic Development presented results of the farmer’s state support in the first half of the year

Agricultural producers got the assistance because the crop losses due to the adverse weather conditions
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Tiraspol, September 29 ./Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The state continues to support the landowners who have suffered serious losses due to adverse weather conditions. In particular, due to the lack of rainfall since August last year.


Measures of the state support


Land users are provided with preferential loans for up to 2 years to replenish working capital. At the same time, part of the loan rate is repaid by the state due to a decrease in the tax obligations of the credit institutions to the budget.

Agricultural producers extended previously received preferential loans for investment purposes for another year.

Farmers who have lost half of the crop are exempt from paying land tax, share fee, and fixed agricultural tax (in the estimated amount of the land tax).

The reduction in the tax rate is provided for the income of the fruit and vegetable industry organizations. Also there applies benefits for the taxation of land occupied by young orchards and vineyards, long-term plantations that require cutting.


Results of state support for January-June 2020


41 agricultural enterprise that sent cow's milk for industrial processing were paid subsidies in the amount of 5,993,9 thousand rubles. (+ 39.8%).

Preferential tariffs for gas and electricity services have been maintained for the producers and processors of livestock products in rural areas.

Funding for quarantine and anti-epizootic activities continues.

10 agricultural producers received preferential loans in the amount of 657.2 thousand euros from the PMR State Reserve Fund.

According to the Ministry of Economic Development, farmers were given 27 preferential loans totaling 6,171,3 thousand euros and 693 thousand dollars. We are talking about subsidizing part of the interest rate in the amount of 7% per annum.

From the PMR State Reserve Fund, individuals were allocated 1.95 million rubles for the development of personal subsidiary economy (2.1 million rubles in the first half of 2019).

Existing preferential taxation systems for newly formed peasant farms and a fixed tax for agricultural producers are maintained.

Farmers whose use or lease is up to 200 hectares of land are provided with budget loans at 1% per annum.

Also in the period from January to June, 830 hectares were cut and transferred to arable land (350 hectares in the first half of 2019), including 469.8 hectares of orchards (compared to 113.0 hectares a year ago), 144.2 hectares of vineyards (13.0 hectares, respectively).

76.5 hectares of young plantings were planted, including gardens - 41.5 hectares, walnut - 34 hectares, berries - 1 hectare.

209 hectares of young plantations were commissioned, including gardens - 108.9 hectares, vineyards - 84.2 hectares, walnut - 7.0 hectares, berries - 9 hectares.


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