10/14/21 16:49
Because of state supporting, a new equipment is also being purchasing by the enterprise
04/16/21 12:23
For these purposes, more than 8 million rubles was allocated from the State budget
02/17/21 19:37
This measure is aimed at supporting transport organizations that suffered serious losses during the period of emergency and quarantine
09/29/20 20:50
Agricultural producers got the assistance because the crop losses due to the adverse weather conditions
08/04/20 19:36
In the second quarter of this year, 41 business entities applied for subsidies
12/20/19 15:30
Depending on the number of children, from 40 to 60% of housing costs will be compensated by the state
09/11/18 20:45
It is supposed that the sum of state support will be set off by bank, but on account of taxes payment
11/21/17 11:18
The Supreme Council and the government will continue to support domestic footwear manufactures. The income tax will be reduced in this sector in January