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Tiraspol, April 20. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. In the last two years the leader of the Pridnestrovian mechanical engineering – the Elektromash plant – on a quarter increased the outputs, and due to the release of a series of energy efficient engines strengthened the positions in the market of the Customs union even more. Now cars of the plant help to pump oil and gas to the Russian, Kazakhstan, Ukrainian Mongolian energy companies. Engines of Elektromash are on six nuclear power plants, two of which are located in Belarus and India.  

According to the CEO of the enterprise Vladimir Trandasir, such results managed to be achieved thanks to the weighed economic policy pursued by the authorities in 2017-2018. 

Tax policy 

Positively both for production workers, and for the state played a reduction in the tax rate on revenues of the organizations. This measure allowed, in particular, the Elektromash plant to increase the competitiveness of products and to increase the outputs. As a result, also tax contributions to republican treasury increased. 

«The rate on income was reduced by 30% - from 3.5 to 2.45%. As a result of this decision all enterprises of our industry, including Elektromash, released an impressive part of current assets and directed them to the modernization of the equipment. At the same time we could increase the outputs and even at a decrease in a rate increased volumes of contributions to the budget», - Vladimir Trandasir paid attention. 

Without financial investments in the new equipment, it would be difficult to plant to hold the positions in the market of the Customs union where generally the products of Elektromash are delivered. Every year at importers requirements to electrical machines grow, and it is important to affect advancing, expanding the range of products. 

«In 2017-2018 every third car which left the gate of our plant was the new equipment. And for this purpose updating of the machine park is necessary. Besides, the new equipment is much higher requirements, need for accreditation at the advanced energy companies regarding production, certification», - the CEO of Elektromash noted. 

Changes in the sphere of customs regulation 

Since the beginning of last year, the new concept of the Customs code which allowed to minimize administration of economic agents works in the republic. For example, the process of passing goods through customs, paperwork is accelerated. 

«We at once include all raw materials which we import without any delays in production. There became less bureaucracy: earlier it was necessary to hand over regularly tens of kilograms of paper. The procedure of monthly payments is reduced, it is necessary to carry out fewer operations», - Trandasir noted. 

Debt restructuring 

According to Vladimir Trandasir, it was preceded by enormous work of the management of the Government, plant and representatives of the banking sector. 

«In 2017 – the beginning of 2018 the Ministry of Economic Development together with PRB and Sberbank created for us the commission on the restructuring of the technical credits – debts. As a result, all credits of the enterprise were integrated, restructured. The term of return was increased and convenient for the enterprise schedule is picked up», - Trandasir explained. 

System of dual education 

Introduction in Pridnestrovie the systems of dual education is another measure of the state support to the occupational sector. It allows to train qualified specialists in short terms and to fill staff shortage of factories and plants. 

Now 9 organizations of a secondary professional education system and 20 enterprises of clothing and footwear industry, mechanical engineering and metallurgy are involved in the dual education system. Among them, there is Elektromash plant. 

On the basis of the enterprise this year the training centre on the training of machine operators of a wide profile and welders was open. Upon termination of an educational course, the student will get the diploma of a state sample. Also, employment at the enterprise is provided. 

Program of preferential crediting 

Vladimir Trandasir also reported that recently the plant's management made the decision to participate in the program of preferential crediting. If to approve the application of Elektromash, then about one million euros will go for the purchase of the new production equipment.  

«We expect that in the contemporary history of the plant it will be the largest volume of internal investments and the most powerful modernization of the machine park», - Vladimir Trandasir said. 


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