Work on improvement of Dubossarskaya hydroelectric power station continuing

10/14/21 16:49

Work on improvement of Dubossarskaya hydroelectric power station continuing

Because of state supporting, a new equipment is also being purchasing by the enterprise
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Dubossary, October 14 /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The Dubossary hydroelectric power plant, thanks to state supporting, is modernizing the enterprise and purchasing new equipment.

The Dubossarskaya hydroelectric power plant State Unitary Enterprise provides electricity to Pridnestrovian population by 80 per cent. The first station hydro turbines were commissioned about 66 years ago. Moreover, in order to work stably and provide electricity, the station is being reconstructed and new equipment is being purchased by the enterprise.

“In recent years, we’ve undertaken a lot of modernization work. The hydraulic turbine’s speed control device on the hydraulic aggregates were replaced as well as a new automatic controls to regulate hydraulic aggregates operation were installed by us. Additionally, we conducted work on the implementation of the reconstruction program for the Dubossarskaya hydroelectric power station. The ceiling travelling crane purchasing for the turbine room became one of main components, which will be further used in the program’s implementation for the hydroelectric aggregates replacement,” the Dubossarskaya hydroelectric power station State Unitary Enterprise chief technology officer Alexei Salamatin described.

In the year of 2015, work on the hydroelectric power station reconstruction was suspended, because the enterprise profits were transferred to the Road Fund of the Republic. The situation was changed several years ago. Currently, seized financial resources will be gradually returned by the state during four years.

This year an emergency-repair gates set was purchased at the enterprise. At that moment, a major rehabilitation of hydraulic units number three with elements of the rotor coils is being completed by the station. Moreover, three relay protections sets for 110 kilovolt lines were purchased. In the near future the power engineers will launch its installing. By this year end, all pre-commissioning activities will be implemented and from the next year the new equipment will be put into operation. According to experts, it will also increase the station’s equipment reliability.


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