Sergey Obolonik spoke about the negotiations with Moldova on the energy contract

12/27/22 16:54

Sergey Obolonik spoke about the negotiations with Moldova on the energy contract

Pridnestrovie will be supplied with gas in January, yet it still needs to be saved

Tiraspol, December 27. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The January contract for the supply of electricity from Moldavskaya GRES to Moldova was signed on the same terms as in December. The price (73 dollars per megawatt-hour) and the volume of electricity supplies will remain the same. In turn, Moldovagaz JSC confirmed that in January 2023, 5.7 million cubic meters of gas per day will be transferred to Pridnestrovie, that is, the same volume as now.

Sergey Obolonik, Minister of Economic Development of the PMR, spoke about this at today's press conference.

“We are going into the new year with the understanding that we will have enough natural gas in Pridnestrovie for the population, for the heating system, for the social sphere, and for the operation of enterprises that ensure food security. This sector will be fully covered, and, if possible, taking into account the prevailing temperature conditions, we will also try to generate gas volumes for the operation of all other industrial enterprises, including the most energy-intensive ones - the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant and the Rybnitsa Cement Plant," the Minister said.

According to Sergey Obolonik, the signing of the energy contract is important from the point of view of both revenues to the state budget of the PMR and ensuring the stability of the energy system. In January, as of now, 3 power units will operate at the Moldavskaya GRES.

“Negotiations [with the Moldovan side] went on for quite a long time, not easy, nevertheless, we managed to reach an agreement. In January, negotiations will continue, this process does not stop,” the Head of the Ministry of Economic Development stressed. 

When asked by Novosti Pridnestrovya News Agency why the energy contract was not signed immediately for the entire first quarter of 2023, Sergey Obolonik explained that in the current situation it is difficult to plan for such a period. “Therefore, we are still working with an interval of one month. Everything depends on the availability of natural gas, on the issues of its transportation, which now depend on many factors, do not depend on us or even on Gazprom,” he said.

According to the Minister of Economic Development, Pridnestrovie still lacks about 30 million cubic meters of blue fuel per month (1 million cubic meters per day) to fully provide both the social sector and the work of industry. Therefore, the issue of saving energy resources by the population is not removed from the agenda.

“Here we just need to rationally approach, and regulate consumption without infringing on domestic needs. Not to freeze, not to use some European Union countries` practice, but, for example, regulate the temperature with a gas tap in a private house, but not a vent in the window," Sergey Obolonik noted.

He added that a lot depends on this winter`s temperatures. With a fall in temperature, the volume of gas consumption by the population immediately increases noticeably.

“So far, there is reason to believe that it will be quite warm until the last ten days of January,” the Minister concluded.


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