05/03/23 13:11
The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 series has also been replenished with 80 years of the Battle of Stalingrad coins
11/06/21 15:56
Most often, residents of the republic receive them from Russia, Israel and Germany
11/02/21 11:34
Currency notes are made of precious and non-precious metals
09/21/21 17:12
Monetary units with a face value of 25 rubles were issued with a 2.5 thousand pieces circulation
09/14/21 15:13
Its volume exceeded 7.2 billion rubles for 8 months
09/10/21 13:31
Pridnestrovian industry leaders are showing a cautious optimism
09/10/21 13:05
Yet cash will continue to play a significant role in payments in the next 10 years, PRB analysts note
06/21/21 18:36
Russia occupies a central place in the structure of both incoming and outgoing remittances
06/21/21 17:57
Since the beginning of the year, the export of goods has increased by 37.8%
05/27/21 13:25
Coins will enlarge Ancient Fortresses on the Dniester river collection
05/25/21 18:43
Growth was shown not only by traditional metallurgy and electrical energy industry, but also by other industries
04/26/21 18:32
Coins mintage is about 2,5 thousand units, the denomination is 25 rubles