07/18/16 19:16
The relevant parliamentary committee is arguing against this proposal
06/28/16 22:09
Pridnestrovie's exchange control will be discussed in the Russian capital
06/20/16 22:09
In 11 years over 150,000 money transactions have been performed at an aggregate amount of 116 million roubles
06/14/16 13:32
The central bank's deputy chair Sergey Rusov answered PGTRK journalists' questions about imposing a commission fee on the purchase of foreign currency
06/09/16 20:44
They claimed it at a meeting with the management of the Pridnestrovian Republican Bank
06/01/16 13:22
The central bank has proposed devaluing the rouble by 10% to stabilise the foreign exchange market
05/18/16 12:56
Russia's central bank has drafted the corresponding amendments to the Russian legislation
04/11/16 18:53
Edward Kosovsky has replied to MPs' questions about the situation in the in the foreign exchange market
04/05/16 13:00
According to the PRB expert, borrowing such amounts will not handle currency shortage
04/05/16 12:16
Vadim Stepanov: changing the currency corridor through a realistic exchange rate will lead to the self-regulation of the exchange market
03/24/16 18:18
Requests of PRB currency auction participants and bank customers satisfied in the amount of more than 1.5 million USD
02/11/16 21:40
Central bank spokesman Alexander Lyanka has noted that small business crediting is possible without currency pegs
02/10/16 19:28
Expenses on business trips, participation in conferences and congresses, general economy, cassational and auditing activities are cut down also