07/05/18 14:20
The commemorative one-rouble coins are made of nickel-plated steel
02/09/18 12:28
They are made of non-precious metals worth 1 rouble
01/12/18 22:00
The head of the PRB said that if there wouldn't any be external shocks, the official exchange rate band will remain 16 – 16.50 Pridnestrovian rubles for 1 USD
12/19/17 12:51
The head of the PRB spoke about the measures taken to stabilise the situation
11/15/17 17:25
This was stated by the PRB head, Vladislav Tidva
11/14/17 22:01
Vladislav Tidva said it, commenting on the restructuring of a number of banks
08/14/17 16:09
The central bank forecasts an increase in imports and exports by 6-7% by the end of the year
07/04/17 18:13
The growth is due to an increase in the amount of money in foreign currency
12/17/16 13:14
Vladislav Tidva was approved as chairman of Pridnestrovie’s central bank
10/18/16 13:14
At a meeting with business people the head of the PRB explained how the exchange rate is formed and what it depends on
10/06/16 14:02
Pridnestrovie may introduce a title unit payment system
09/12/16 15:08
Experts of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, auditors of Russia's limited liability company Financial and Accounting Consultants and a group of analysts from the European consulting company Berlin Economics have contributed their opinions to The Bulletin of the PRB
08/16/16 13:43
One of them is dedicated to the Hero of the Soviet Union Vladimir Bochkovsky, another one – to the 25 anniversary of the Pridnestrovie's Supreme Council
08/08/16 11:09
1 ruble coins of the "Memorable Dates and Events of Pridnestrovie" series are made of base metals.