PRB emitted two new commemorative silver coins

08/16/16 13:43

PRB emitted two new commemorative silver coins

One of them is dedicated to the Hero of the Soviet Union Vladimir Bochkovsky, another one – to the 25 anniversary of the Pridnestrovie's Supreme Council
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Tiraspol, August 16. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Starting from August 16, 2016, the Pridnestrovie's Republican Bank introduces two commemorative 10 ruble silver coins.

One of them is 'V.A. Bochkovsky — Hero of the Soviet Union (1923−1999)" within the «Heroes of the Soviet Union in Days of the Great Patriotic War» series — 33 mm in diameter and 15.55 g in weight. The mintage of this coin is 250 pieces.

Another coin «25 Anniversary of the Pridnestrovie's Supreme Council» will extend the Statehood of Pridnestrovie Series. The coin in the mintage of 300 pieces is 33 mm in diameter and 15,55 g in weight.

As the Public Relations Department of the PRB reports, each coin has an ID certificate (passport), it is packed in a transparent capsule and presented in a case.

Commemorative coins are the monetary units of the Pridnestrovian Republican Bank, the means of payment in the territory of Pridnestrovie and accepted at its face value.


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